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All of Our services are available at a booked in time if euthanasia is planned or as part of our 24/7 on call emergency service, our prices don’t vary as to time Of day or booked in or not. We also don’t vary prices for height of your horse. We will always arrange something ASAP and That same day. We can also liaise directly with your vet if you wish and we can be on hand to hold your horse or pony if required. 


Routine group cremation with no return of ashes including collection.

 20 or less miles £200 (plus VAT).
20-35 miles £220 (plus VAT).
35-45 miles £240 (plus VAT).
Ring for a price on further distances 

Individual cremation with ashes returned in choice of oak veneered casket with brass plaque or scatter tubes. And we can offer a large dog casket with same plaque on and scatter tube. Plaques can be engraved with what ever you would like. Allow a week from ordering plaque for this to return to Sandbeck. Caskets can be picked up from Sandbeck fields or can often be returned to vets receptions quickly and dropped sometimes back to owners if we are in that area. Please contact if you haVe any further questions or requests.

20 or less £420 (plus VAT).
20 35 £440 (plus VAT).
35-45 £460 (plus VAT).

Ring for price on further distances

Let Sandbeck Equine Cremations help you through this stressful time with a our quailty service.